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Solution dosing, automation of titrations


Automation of dosing of solutions, computerization of older autotitrators and similar tasks are frequently solved by us. The examples of realizations include e.g.:

PC conrol of peristaltic pumps.

The device enables to dose aliquots of more than ca 20 microliters of solution with remarkabe precision.

ABU 80 burette.

ABU 80 burette is used as a doser of analyzed solutions in the developed by us apparature for automatic electrocapillary curves' recording.

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KF701 Titrino burette refurbishment

KF701 Titrino burette, originally designed for Karl-Fischer titration was rebuilt to perform acidobasic titration. The equipment now serves to analyze solutions used for galvanic electroplating in Meopta, a.s. In addition to computer control of titration, the detection of the end point using pH electrode was implemented. The device is controlled using National Instruments USB 6008 A/D card.

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PC control of TITRONIC® basic burette

TITRONIC® basic is probably the cheapest automatic burette on the market. It is manually controlled using a "mouse" and supports dosing in ten microliters step. It is possible to implement control by PC and to obtain precise and accurate solution doser this way. Eventually, after implementation of measurement (pH, amperometry, konductivity) a fully fledged automatic titrator is obtained.

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