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Product information

D-1 Dual Channel NO-meter

Nitric oxide meter

D-1 Dual Channel NO-meter allows the monitoring of nitric oxide in solutions. It is a device specifically designed for work with nitric oxide sensors Ami-NO, produced by Innovative Instruments, Inc.. With two sensors it is possible to simultaneously measure two samples at a time. Built-in magnetic miniature mixer with speed control. Mechanical interconnection of mixing magnets ensures the same mixing speed of both samples.

Three current ranges (1 - 100 nA). NO meter is equipped with a powerful low pass filter, cutting off the (noise) frequencies higher than 100, 10, 1 or 0,1 Hz (settable in software) from the measured signal. Beside Ami-NO sensors, which use two-electrode connection and shielding connected to the instrument ground, it is possible to switch to three-electrode circuit and work with a broader range of microelectrode sensors. Adjustable cuvette holder can accommodate three types of sample vials.


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